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The demons seek to bring chaos to the realm of mortals while the angels seek to form order and peace

Eternal Conflict®: Angels and Demons is a system created by Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe, under L&T Designs Brand in the meta-verse of SecondLife. Eternal Conflict is a system that is mixed with both Role-play and Combat. This is an invite only system, as the Angels & Demons roam the mortal realms unnoticed, only to transcend/descend those that seem worthy to join in this Eternal Conflict. This is a free to play system and though there are many products and fancy gadgets that you can acquire if you wish to, the system itself is free. The main focus in EC is this war that has been going on between Angels and Demons for as long as The Fire Angel fell from the High Heavens. They struggle to control the mortal realm while keeping their existence a myth from them. The demons seek to bring chaos to the realm of mortals while the angels seek to form order and peace. This ongoing struggle has left both sides desperate and they seek to build their numbers by transcending and descending mortals to join in their fight. The mortals with tainted and cursed souls seek to aid the Demons and help them build and win this war once and for all, while those that are pure and blessed seek to bring peace to the realm by siding with the Angels. The way that EC is structured is each subclass of both Angels & Demons are controlled by the Archangel or Arch-demon of that specific subclass. No Archangel nor Arch-demon will be of the same subclass. In the Eternal Conflict: Angels and Demons, the subclasses of Angels are referred to as Domains, that of Demons is referred to as Legions. The Archangels lead choirs of angels to aide in battle, while Arch-demons command hordes of demons.

If you are interested in joining the system you can visit the SIM. You will have to be transcended or descended by a current member of the system, on the SIM you are sure to find some current members. You can either become enlightened and join the ranks of Angels or give in to your carnal desires and descend as a Demon, which side will you chose?


The Eternal Conflict is here and is unavoidable. Which side will be triumphant? The fate of the world is now dependant on the outcome of this Conflict...

"Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time..."


Even though the system offers endless possibilities, there are a few things that you should not do for your own good.

1. No fighting/combat of any kind in the High Heavens and Hell nor anywhere on the EC Sim. This means no attacking of any kind with the A&D HUD or any other HUD games or systems while on the EC Sim. The EC sim is a COMPLETE safe-zone.

2. There can be no rules, punishment, and/or official complaint for attacks between opposite species or attacks towards Criminals, or from an arranged event by Sators or those within an officially declared conflict by Leaders (Chieftains/Cardinals).

3. Do not reveal to a mortal that you or anyone else is/was tainting or blessing them, unless you are in the process to descend/transcend them. (Since they don't know the details of the system it makes them think the system HUDs are harming their avatars when it is not.)

4. You are allowed to sell your backpack items ONLY on the A&D System Marketplace. You are free to give away those items but if you are selling them they must go on the A&D System Marketplace. Also you can sell our other products such as blood tanks and etc but you must rez them and place them for sale so that the buyer can directly buy the product. We do not want to hear any complaints like "I sent the money for a blood tank and the seller never gave it to me." etc.

5. Do not modify or cover any of the system objects especially to make them look like the items that we change the color of, add glow, etc (generally modified) as a prize such as the Core Object tools (For example: glowing hatchets, pickaxes, chisels; color changed hatchets, pickaxes, chisels, etc). It is not fair to those that earn those from us as prizes.

6. Do not kill alts or anyone in agreement to gain unfair advantage over others in any aspect of the system including but not limited to the Achievement Boards, Born to Kill, or etc.. This will be severely punished and if deemed necessary a system ban will be handed down.

7. If you are caught using 3rd party programs, viewers, auto-clickers or inworld HUDs, scripts, bots to gain an unfair advantage over other players you will be PERMANENTLY System Banned. This does not include using followers/attachers/flight boost/invisibility or the like.



Within this conflict, there are some tools you might want to know about.

Main HUD

This is the interface to use to attack and defeat your enemies and to keep yourself healthy. All the functions you need to get information about your character is within this HUD.
>> Learn more about the Main HUD

Backpack HUD

All the resources (reagents, potions, ores, ingots, logs, parchments, inks etc.), your Armors and Profession Skills are displayed on your Backpack HUD. A type of Inventory for your character.
>> Learn more about the Backpack HUD

Party HUD

With this tool, you can create parties, invite your friends to your party and track their health and mana levels to help them if they are in danger. It is a really helpful tool in group fights.
>> Learn more about the Party HUD

Card Game HUD

It is a fun addition for A&D System for those who likes Card Battling Games. You can challenge your friends or play with random members. It can get addicting.
>> Learn more about the Card Game HUD


If you would like to be a Miner, a Crafter, an Alchemist or even a Scribe, Professions are definitely your thing!








The weekly battles that The War Council is organizing, a.k.a. The Battle Master System

There is no planned battle at the moment.


Lectures by the A&D community teachers.

(Introduction to Role Play, A&D Lore, How the system works etc.)

There is no planned Lecture at the moment.


Hordes of Demons

OrderHorde Name Lv Chieftain Chief Captain Centurion
Children of Set
Lv.10 (40317529 exp)
mirebellaa saddii geordiearmour
Shrouded Knights
Lv.10 (77335209 exp)
silence.scorpio sephraia.lordhunter pandemonium.blackwoo
L Oscurita Aumenta
Lv.10 (19484417 exp)
minachaynes jimofthenorth maryannripley
4Souls of Sonneillon
Lv.10 (25321943 exp)
suzy.venus dorcasvladislovbelle ebonyloves
5Soulz of darkness
Lv.10 (27072044 exp)
defiant.forsythe cowgirlchevy rose.reitman
6Blaze Drakonis
Lv.10 (17412565 exp)
expertmaniac kittykatclause lancer.kira
Lv.10 (25765733 exp)
ellenerose anita.verlack kairi.zabelin
8Mindless Mayhem
Lv.10 (11903023 exp)
maylynn87 ghoul.macabre
9Unholy Reign
Lv.9 (8521591 exp)
valora.ravenhurst samarasiren blackdahlias
10Dragons Demonic Delusions
Lv.9 (7508120 exp)
shorty.chatterbox lilyanda abz.alter
11Infernal Anguish
Lv.9 (3212374 exp)
lincolngabriel crinixa
12Reapers of the Underworld
Lv.10 (23222640 exp)
juliasalvatore19 rebelbelle01 dimazing.starsider
13Daemones Invehitur
Lv.10 (10337339 exp)
harkfumon yoanna2 erpeche
Lv.9 (9187730 exp)
Lv.9 (4154493 exp)
milly1 jayetee karma.eternal
16Atra Tempestas
Lv.10 (10107608 exp)
bunniefrancis lucymiel morgana8769
17The Fallen Darkness
Lv.10 (24434906 exp)
skylaalys.marten nightmare.demonia raeraesharky
18Demonic Unicorns
Lv.9 (6375251 exp)
lucylovely17 mysterious.conundrum shortykeiko
19Dark Forsakens
Lv.10 (20027539 exp)
lightstorm1 zeth.fallen
20Domus Caesorum
Lv.9 (6970014 exp)
prim033110 kain.vorhees alyssa.noelle
21Eternal Darkness
Lv.10 (17399314 exp)
rose.passion jess.starchild
22Hunder av Niflheim
Lv.8 (2535209 exp)
ugly.tater aleksander.ravenhurs kiritoblackfire
23Infernus Shadows
Lv.9 (6196696 exp)
serena.chiuh soytuchicamala


Choirs of Angels

OrderChoir Name Lv Cardinal Herald Acolyte
Divine Solstice
Lv.10 (27733741 exp)
ripsu123 fordpilot moondust.starlight
Lv.10 (28876232 exp)
raysomona.batz meghan.starchild tacticalbtch
Invictus Angels
Lv.10 (27984316 exp)
princesscoocoopuff portexploits corbin.kamachi
4Moonsongs Apostles
Lv.10 (37442991 exp)
sintastic.aries honorable.fall snarepassion
5Guardianes De Astraea
Lv.10 (35101559 exp)
shubabyta laurysvq manolicifuentes
6Aeternam Lux Anima
Lv.10 (31704634 exp)
ger85 bubbleliz junipertrue.heartson
7Angelic Choir of Thrones
Lv.10 (21591264 exp)
ryderlyn skittlez88 exiled.starchild
8Choir of Themis
Lv.10 (12549264 exp)
Lv.9 (8269943 exp)
dainaop birdguru
10Erebus Rising
Lv.10 (16777676 exp)
michael.darkheart thecult.leeder enderlilies
11Angels of Eminence
Lv.10 (14430806 exp)
sosodarling toxictt bea.venus
12Cascade Celestials
Lv.6 (958469 exp)
kin9ty touchybish
13Angels of Shadows
Lv.10 (27584374 exp)
lalita.pearl cian.deigan
14Mystic Fire
Lv.10 (11244969 exp)
fazforever ailydragonai grace.leeder
15Amor Angeli
Lv.10 (20915502 exp)
kimberly.lemongrass djohar
Lv.9 (4744488 exp)
lisamn12 jillina.davi cali777us

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Eternal Conflict®: Angels & Demons Role Playing System
Developed by Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxë within SecondLife Metaverse